Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Richard Burns Rally

I am think about reinstaling the Richard Burns Rally again. It left a sower taste in my mouth, because I didn't finish the game all the way. It is a curse, I have to go to the end and it doesn matter at what cost. At the time, my PC broke, so I had to quit before ending it. 

I'd tell you, it is way more dificult than the Colin McRae Rally in so many ways.

The minimum requirments are low, as one would expect for that period of time (Pentium III, 256 RAM, Windows 98, 64 MB graphics card).
Basicly, the driving engine is something that you have to beat, and the place to start is the driving school. By the time you finish that, you would already've been fighting with you PC.

Try it. If you think you are up to it!

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